The world of short-term rentals is evolving at a dizzying pace, and at the heart of this transformation is technology. For property owners, one of the most critical elements in ensuring a rental’s success is pricing. That’s where our cutting-edge pricing algorithm steps in, designed to navigate the complexities of the rental market and secure the best possible rates for your property. Let’s take a deep dive into the technological prowess that gives our clients the competitive edge.

The Role of Pricing Algorithms in the Rental Market

In an industry where prices fluctuate based on seasonality, demand, and competition, static pricing strategies are a relic of the past. Modern pricing algorithms use a plethora of data points to make informed pricing decisions. For example, Beyond Pricing, a dynamic pricing tool for short-term rental hosts, uses billions of data points, analyzing market trends and updating prices daily to maximize revenue.

Our Algorithm at Work

Our proprietary algorithm goes several steps further. It not only looks at broad market data but also factors in granular details such as local events and pricing relative to a selection of competitor properties in the area. Such comprehensive analysis ensures that your property is priced perfectly—not a euro too low during peak demand, and never too high to deter potential guests during slower periods.

This tech-forward approach was inspired by the sophisticated algorithms used by major airlines and hotels, as detailed in Cornell University’s research on revenue management. These sectors have long used advanced predictive analytics to optimize their pricing strategies, a methodology we’ve adapted to the short-term rental market with great success.

Benefits for Property Owners

What does this mean for you, the property owner? Simply put, it translates to increased occupancy at optimal rates. Our algorithm ensures that:

  • Your pricing adjusts in real-time, responding instantly to shifts in the market.
  • You capitalize on high-demand periods, such as festivals or holidays, when visitors flock to Lisbon.
  • You avoid underpricing during quiet times by accurately predicting upticks in demand.

This dynamic approach can result in a significant boost to your bottom line. According to a study by Transparent, a leading provider of data and analytics for the short-term rental industry, properties using dynamic pricing saw a revenue increase of up to 40% compared to those using static pricing models.

A Future-Proof Strategy

As we look ahead, the importance of dynamic pricing in the short-term rental industry only grows clearer. The data backs it up, with AirDNA reporting that successful hosts are increasingly turning to pricing algorithms to stay competitive.

Our pricing algorithm isn’t just about adapting to today’s market—it’s about future-proofing your rental business. As new trends emerge and the market continues to evolve, our technology evolves with it, ensuring that your property remains at the forefront of the Lisbon short-term rental scene.


In summary, the integration of advanced pricing algorithms is reshaping the rental landscape, offering a smarter, more responsive way to maximize returns. By leveraging our algorithm, you’re not just putting your property on the market—you’re giving it a distinct advantage. It’s an investment in technology that pays dividends through optimal pricing and maximized revenue.

Embrace the future of short-term rentals with us, and let our technology redefine your rental success.

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